Pop-Up Support Group

The waiting room in the Neurosurgeon’s office resembled the aftermath of a minor bus accident-minus any visible blood.  A novice might have mistaken it for an ER. The Scene A half-dozen young women are wrapped in neck braces; one sits in a wheelchair as her husband caresses her hair. A twenty-something (initially upright but winds […]

Judging Happy

Facebook peeps liked it, so I’m going with it.  Here is a quick story about a recent encounter I had in a health food store.  As always, I’ll add some insights.  Hope you Like! Life is funny. A lady just questioned me about parking in a handicap spot. She apparently watched me walk into a […]

Disability, Not Quite Disney World

“So, you are retired,” she said. “You can do whatever you want.” She smiled broadly, with excitement, awaiting a rundown as if I just visited the Amalfi coast.  Nope, got nothin’… “Not quite,” I murmured, and instantly felt the need to defend, shed light, even school her… I have heard similar comments before.  I know I am […]

The Healing Maze

Stuck in a healing rut? Don’t know what to do next, tried everything, ready to give up? I feel you!   Healing takes time, can be messy, and is not always linear. So, how can we keep our eye on the prize and not lose ourselves in the pursuit? Let’s Start With Our Thinking! Thoughts have […]

Healing: Faith & Action

When Cynthia was in college she was rushed to the ER with excruciating abdominal cramping and heavy bleeding. She needed her brother’s reassurance that everything would be ‘ok’ to seek treatment. Extremely scared and concerned, she said it was the most uncertain time of her life. She knew something was terribly wrong.   After being tested for […]

Integrative Health Works!

A comprehensive approach to wellness is helping me heal. Maybe it can help you too! Integrative Health combines the best of Western medicine with holistic based therapies and practices. These differing models complement each other.  When used in conjunction they improve health status and functioning, and help people heal in more comprehensive ways. ⦁ Conventional-Western […]

The Upside of Illness

Is illness a Gift?  Really?  More like a holiday fruitcake nobody wants in her/his home.  It does however have its juicy bits and pieces, so don’t trash it too soon. Ideally illness doesn’t define us but instead informs us. It’s important to remember, honor and nurture who we are independent of our illness as well […]