Pop-Up Support Group

The waiting room in the Neurosurgeon’s office resembled the aftermath of a minor bus accident-minus any visible blood. ¬†A novice might have mistaken it for an ER. The Scene A half-dozen young women are wrapped in neck braces; one sits in a wheelchair as her husband caresses her hair. A twenty-something (initially upright but winds […]

Rubber Puppy Syndrome

Strange pet connection! Maybe people struggling to get diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome¬†(EDS) should visit their local veterinarian. Strolling the boardwalk the other morning, I stopped a couple to pet their peppy dog, Lucy. ¬†I braced for impact,¬†mentioning back surgery as the reason (easier than explaining EDS). Lucy’s owners asked how I was healing. When I […]

Vitamin Lee

Do You Have A Point Person? I didn’t know I needed one until I was in over my head. ¬†Enter my friend, Lee… Lee was my first ‘real’ boss in the fitness industry right out of college. ¬†She was a strong and purposeful leader; and created a super fun, challenging work environment. ¬† Her advisement […]