Disability, Not Quite Disney World

“So, you are retired,” she said. “You can do whatever you want.” She smiled broadly, with excitement, awaiting a rundown as if I just visited the Amalfi coast.  Nope, got nothin’… “Not quite,” I murmured, and instantly felt the need to defend, shed light, even school her… I have heard similar comments before.  I know I am […]

The Healing Maze

Stuck in a healing rut? Don’t know what to do next, tried everything, ready to give up? I feel you!   Healing takes time, can be messy, and is not always linear. So, how can we keep our eye on the prize and not lose ourselves in the pursuit? Let’s Start With Our Thinking! Thoughts have […]

The Power of Being Seen

Researcher Dr. Brené Brown gave a funny, moving and wildly popular TED Talk on Vulnerability in 2010.  As a tough Texan who balked at the emotion (‘hated it’ and tried to ‘outsmart it’), she eventually changed her perspective and let her research open her heart. Much like Brené, I was averse to the whole vulnerability thing especially […]