Ancient Treatment Stabilizes Joints

You never know where inspiration will come from! A hidden gem sat nestled on a shelf in the health section of a trendy bookstore.  Desperately searching for advice on how to relieve my chronic back pain this blue, dated and gently worn medical textbook didn’t belong. Intrigued, I paged through and landed on a treatment called Sclerotherapy. Traced back to ancient times, […]

EDS Superhero, Keep It Light

Does anyone remember Stretch Armstrong, the agile action figure who made his debut in the mid 70’s? Stretch’s claim to fame-his limbs could be pulled several feet from his body and quickly return to normal size. Proof is in this vintage clip below: Nice party trick, right? I must be a genetic extension of Stretch […]

The Power of Being Seen

Researcher Dr. Brené Brown gave a funny, moving and wildly popular TED Talk on Vulnerability in 2010.  As a tough Texan who balked at the emotion (‘hated it’ and tried to ‘outsmart it’), she eventually changed her perspective and let her research open her heart. Much like Brené, I was averse to the whole vulnerability thing especially […]

Gramblings, A Nod to My Nana

Who is your role model?  Mine…Nana Mae. As I look around my living room I am comforted by three grey stone statues made by my late grandmother.  They bring a smile to my face; strong and graceful, much like she was. This torso in particular is my favorite, powerful with ragged edges that shape the whole.  A defining piece. One that wouldn’t be […]