Vitamin Lee

Do You Have A Point Person?

I didn’t know I needed one until I was in over my head.  Enter my friend, Lee…

Lee was my first ‘real’ boss in the fitness industry right out of college.  She was a strong and purposeful leader; and created a super fun, challenging work environment.  

Her advisement … and enduring friendship is unmatched!

Lee is a ray of sunshine.  She selflessly helped me navigate a very overwhelming time with my health and in turn, my life.  Vitamin Lee, the right dose at a critical time.

Lee joined me on several surgical consultations, one that required us to fly out-of-state.  This was my first trip in years.  It was challenging and would require a lot of assistance and patience on her part.

She wheeled me through the airport, adjusted my braces, and finessed a pain patch on my lumbar spine while locked into our seat belts ready for takeoff.  She even supported my back with her hands midway through the flight.

Once we arrived she did all the driving, got us settled in our hotel, stocked our mini fridge with healthy snacks, and helped me organize medical notes in preparation for my appointments.

The surgery consult, four hours in total, ended at 8:30 p.m.  The day before I had a two-hour clinical evaluation as well as a nerve conduction test.  One stop shopping!  Lee, still by my side.

She let me take the lead but was at the ready to ask for clarification, pose a question I hadn’t thought of, and summarize what transpired.

She was unflappable.  If you have ever seen the show Scandel, you know the phrase, “It’s Handled!” Very Lee-like. No job too big, no-thing that can’t be handled.

Lee is my Olivia Pope (lead character on Scandel), minus the popcorn and red wine diet Olivia gravitates to (wink!).

Having a point person was critical during a tumultuous time.  As a determined and independent person, I thought I could ‘handle it’ all.  I couldn’t!  I needed her support, strength, assistance and sunshine.

Part of healing is knowing it’s ok (even necessary) to ask for help sometimes, ideally before things get too out of hand. While some people may swoop in to help, like Lee, others may need our direction.

Be clear and specific about your needs. (Ex: need to vent for 10 minutes without interruption, pick up groceries once a week, drive me to an appointment). You can also find support and direction in an online support group, or with a counselor or coach.

Join In:

  • Do you have a go-to person?
  • How do you handle the overwhelm that can come with illness or adversity?
  • What kind of support would be most helpful to you?  






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