The Power of Being Seen

Researcher Dr. Brené Brown gave a funny, moving and wildly popular TED Talk on Vulnerability in 2010.  As a tough Texan who balked at the emotion (‘hated it’ and tried to ‘outsmart it’), she eventually changed her perspective and let her research open her heart.

Much like Brené, I was averse to the whole vulnerability thing especially when discussing the impact of my declining health.

What was holding me back?  Denial, fear – in part.  It was easier to minimize the situation than share the reality, loss, uncertainty and pain. Kind of isolating don’t you think?

Once I learned to open up a bit, it helped ease the suffering and connected me to people in new ways.

Check out Brené Brown’s gutsy and touching take on this. If you have seen it, please watch it again!  I am on my third listen.

Being vulnerable takes courage to be seen – needs, wants, disappointments, imperfections and all. It can feel scary, but pushing through the discomfort definitely has its rewards.

Viewing party!

  • What’s your take on Brené s talk?    






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