Handicap Parking, Bring It On!

Ever battled over a handicap spot, or staged war over a space you laboriously dug out during a snowstorm? -East Coast problem for sure.

I came home the other night to find a neighbor parked in my spot. A little annoyed at first, (I paid for it, even has my last name on the sign) but I didn’t get my panties in a bunch.  Maybe it wasn’t intentional.

There are signs inside our condo building to honor handicap spots or risk being towed to the cost of $600.  I know I’d appreciate a heads up if the tables were turned.

The following morning I left a note on the neighbors’ car saying, Reminder, handicap spot, thank you!  I thought I might see it crumpled on the street but instead spotted a crisp note on my windshield. Uh oh, it’s on! I picked it up tentatively.

It read, I humbly apologize for parking in your space.  Please forgive me. It will NEVER happen again.  He signed his name and left his unit number.

Wow!  Unexpected!  I realized the man who parked in my space also offered to rinse off my car months ago while he was cleaning his.

Winter is officially here.  Last year we had a three-foot snow storm. Maybe, if I ask nicely, my new buddy can dig me out of any future messes. Just saying!

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