EDS Superhero, Keep It Light

Does anyone remember Stretch Armstrong, the agile action figure who made his debut in the mid 70’s?

Stretch’s claim to fame-his limbs could be pulled several feet from his body and quickly return to normal size.

Proof is in this vintage clip below:

Nice party trick, right?

I must be a genetic extension of Stretch and Mrs. Armstrong, definitely not Barbie and Ken. Can’t win em all!

This video reminds me to laugh, poke fun at myself, and keep things light from time to time.  It’s good medicine. While illness can be greedy at times, I won’t let it steal my humor.

I’ve used levity at serious moments as well.

During a lengthy surgical consultation hours from home, the orthopedist said he could “pop it out in twenty minutes” which meant he could ‘fuse both sides of my sacroiliac joint in less than forty-five minutes.’ Slightly concerned, and a tad unimpressed, I said “dude, this isn’t Jiffy Lube, please take your time.”  My mother shot me a look (Jill, don’t be rude), the room went silent, then laughter erupted…from all of us.  

It certainly wasn’t the surgeon’s intent to increase my anxiety with his comment, and I meant no disrespect to him.  I did however, want him to be thorough.  Throwing in some humor eased my tension, changed the energy in the room, and relayed the message.

As a side note, I ended up getting a more invasive, lengthier surgery with a different surgeon back home.  Can’t kid a kidder, right?

Join the party!

  • How do you lighten the load?  
  • What helps you ease tension, or shift the temperature in the room?









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