I Was Let Go…

But I came back!

Shortly after buying a condo and a new car, I was laid off from a job, on a Friday.  The following Monday would be my last day. Over the weekend I took a refreshing stroll, licked my wounds, and created a proposal to stay on a few weeks. I offered to write an additional grant and requested an extra month of salary. Slightly awkward, but it bought me time.

Resiliency:  An ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.   – Mirriam-Webster

When life throws you a curveball, you have an opportunity to not only recover but thrive.  

Tips to Bounce Back:

  • Adopt A Positive Attitude – We are not talking puppies and rainbows here, but hold a belief that things will out.  Humor helps too. Negativity is draining and unproductive.
  • Take Action – Figure out your options, what you can control and what you can’t. If stuck, try brainstorming with someone.  Shutting down closes off options.  Do something to move you forward.
  • Challenge Limiting Beliefs – Examine your thoughts about the situation. Are they true?  Ex: “Nothing ever goes my way.”  Instead, “this didn’t go my way, but I learned to stand up for myself.”

Challenging thoughts doesn’t mean you bypass important emotions that may arise (fear, anger, shame…) but it does open up options you may not see when you are stuck in a mental loop .

  • Practice Good Self-Care – First of all, be kind to yourself!  Relieve stress through physical activity and eat whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods for energy, mood, clarity.  Limit stimulants (caffeine, sugar, alcohol). Meditate or practice deep breathing to calm the mind-body, bring balance.
  • Reach Out/Connect – Avoid isolation.  Share your situation/struggle with someone who cares about your well-being (a friend, a counselor, coach). There are protective benefits in connecting with others.

Three months after the layoff (my target date) I was hired by a large health care organization and landed a challenging position with a sweet jump in salary. I had faith and a plan, and everything worked out better than anticipated.

Join in the conversation:

  • How have you worked through adversity?
  • What was your takeaway?

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