The Upside of Illness

Is illness a Gift?  Really?  More like a holiday fruitcake nobody wants in her/his home.  It does however have its juicy bits and pieces, so don’t trash it too soon.

Ideally illness doesn’t define us but instead informs us. It’s important to remember, honor and nurture who we are independent of our illness as well as support and attend to our needs and circumstances.

So,  what is illness offering?

  • Perspective – A heightened appreciation and gratitude for life, what is here rather than what is missing.  A chance to weed out what isn’t important and focus on priorities.
  • Personal Growth & Healing – An opportunity to take a deeper look into our lives, attend to areas that may have been neglected such as emotional health, spirituality, self-care, relationships.
  • Inspiration – Living with greater purpose, joy, meaning and connection to others, community, ourselves.
  • Compassion – Kindness to ourselves, and empathy and understanding for others going through similar situations.
  • Resiliency – The ability to adapt to, bounce back from, difficult circumstances.

Illness has shaped my life in profound ways.  While it was a gift I didn’t ask for, with no return receipt, it has its place in my home and in my life. It inspired this blog, taught me important life skills, and helped me grow in key areas resulting in a happier, more productive, purposeful life.

Chime In:

  • What is your view on illness?
  • How has it shaped your life for the better?





2 thoughts on “The Upside of Illness

  1. Jill – your blog is so beautifully written and what you are saying is important for others to hear, especially as told from a very real, personal perspective. And, I hear it written in your sweet, wise voice. I look forward to future entries and will pass along to others I know will be interested. Thank you for sharing!

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