Integrative Health Works!

A comprehensive approach to wellness is helping me heal. Maybe it can help you too!

Integrative Health combines the best of Western medicine with holistic based therapies and practices. These differing models complement each other.  When used in conjunction they improve health status and functioning, and help people heal in more comprehensive ways.

Conventional-Western Medicine (CM) – Treats symptoms and diseases with drugs, therapies and surgery; and focuses on health maintenance. CM is particularly effective at treating acute onset illness (comes on quickly, short duration) and trauma.

Complementary-Integrative Medicine (IM ) – Treats the whole person (mind-body-spirit). IM digs deep to uncover underlying issues contributing to illness in an effort to balance the body, and restore health and well-being.

The complementary model offers a partnership-based relationship where patients take an active role in their healing and well-being.  Visits are often longer, covering more ground, and are therapeutic in nature.

The IM model can be particularly helpful for chronic and complicated health conditions that may require more specialized medicine and personal attention.

How I Married The Two:

Surgery & Visualization – Before and after my first spinal surgery, I did visualization exercises from the CD/book, Prepare For Surgery, Heal Faster.  They eased my pre-surgery jitters and helped me create a supportive environment for healing.

Research shows exercises from the CD speed up healing, reduce pain medications, and help patients feel more empowered.

Surgery, Physical Therapy (PT)  & Supplements – Still weak and healing from my first surgery, I needed another one. I used PT and nutritional supplements to strengthen and support my body.

My IM doctor not only helped me navigate a conversation with my surgeon, he also spoke with him on my behalf.

The choice to have both surgeries was a big one; and came with a lot of research, multiple consultations, a healthy dose of anguish and much preparation. It was serious business. Once those decisions were made I lightened up and put my attention on creating an optimal healing environment.

Final thoughts:

An integrative approach is helping me improve my physical health and daily functioning as well as enhance my emotional well-being to create a more balanced, satisfied, purposeful life.

It has taken great patience, trust in myself and my practitioners, trial and error and an open mind.   A willingness to dig deep at times to uncover blocks and allow healing in…paramount!

Are you considering a Complementary Approach? Here are Things To Consider and an example of offerings at an Integrative Health Center.

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