Judging Happy

Facebook peeps liked it, so I’m going with it.  Here is a quick story about a recent encounter I had in a health food store.  As always, I’ll add some insights.  Hope you Like!

Life is funny. A lady just questioned me about parking in a handicap spot. She apparently watched me walk into a store and saw me boppin’ to the music. She wasn’t rude, more perplexed. I shared with her a little background and she sort of cringed. I was just matter-of-fact, fairly brief.

For dramatic effect however, I did twirl the plastic hospital bracelet I had on, mentioning a 2.5 hour medical test I had earlier in the day.  She then did something resembling MJ’s backwards moon walk, lol.

Turns out it is two years-to-date since my spinal cord surgery. And you know what… I am going to keep on dancing in the aisles unapologetically. For all those years I couldn’t! BAM!

Don’t Hate. Educate!

The way I appeared didn’t match up to this woman’s idea of someone who warrants handicap parking.  I not only get it, I have made similar judgments in one way or another though didn’t necessarily verbalize them. ‘Can’t judge a book’…

At the end of our conversation she wished me well; and clearly was enlightened. Great!

The flip side is that I was then self-conscious about not appearing too joyful, which is a shame.  Like a little girl twirling in her Easter dress who is commanded to stop.  So, I caught myself getting smaller to fit the ‘expectation’ and then snapped out of it getting my groove back on.

We are never going to please the masses.  Judgment can come when we appear too well and also when we are in pain.  Ain’t no way around it.

Navigating these encounters from a place of strength and integrity is getting easier.  While I was met with disbelief at first, there was also some degree of curiosity, making the discussion more welcoming.  I am a big fan of that!

No more hiding our pain or our joy, ok? They both have purpose, and deserve some play!





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