Ripe For Change In 2018?

New Year, Same Me!

How about you?

I don’t do resolutions.  In the past, they barely lasted beyond the bubbly that inspired them in the first place. This year I spent more effort crafting my New Years Day party menu than contemplating noble change.

While I am in the middle of a three-week digital detox from Facebook, a long-term plan to spend less time on social media escapes me.  OK, downright frightens me.


Change Is A Bear

  • Habits are hard to break
  • Brings up resistance, discomfort, fear, uncertainty
  • Requires personal readiness, sacrifice and commitment

It’s daunting giving something up (Facebook, sugar) or adding something in (exercise, meditation) when we aren’t overly invested or don’t have a good game plan.

The buzz kill continues…

Change is a process, not a declaration.  While it’s fun to set an intention and clink glasses, waking up New Years Day to a new you is rare.  Change happens in stages, as we give it consideration, weigh the pros and cons, take action, manage setbacks and get back on the horse.

The party resumes…

Good news! You can start wherever you are, and support yourself at every stage.  Maybe you need more information on the benefits of removing sugar from your diet, or you want to try a yoga class before buying a membership.  Cool, great start!

Focus on the positive vs. negative.  Ex: With more energy I will be able to hike w/ my spouse on the weekends vs. no longer being able to eat donuts for breakfast.

Set realistic, specific goals.  Start with a small, doable change as you focus on your larger goal. Ex:  Switch out one soda p/d with water vs. give up all sweets.

Align with your values.  Make it personal, meaningful. Ex: Quality time w/ spouse, live independently.  Outside pressure or others’ agenda is not the best motivator.  This is about you and for you.

The intention of my social media detox was to feel more at peace and productive during the day.  Facebook was making me anxious, distracted.  I started by turning off my phone after 8:00 p.m. and built from there.  I then asked a friend to detox with me (accountability buddy) and thankfully she jumped on board.  It’s going so well, I intend to share the extra bottle of champagne left over from my party with her.  

Hope 2018 serves you well!

What change is in store for you this year?

How do you see yourself moving forward?

What have you learned from past success that can help you now?







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