Ancient Treatment Stabilizes Joints

You never know where inspiration will come from!

A hidden gem sat nestled on a shelf in the health section of a trendy bookstore.  Desperately searching for advice on how to relieve my chronic back pain this blue, dated and gently worn medical textbook didn’t belong.

Intrigued, I paged through and landed on a treatment called Sclerotherapy. Traced back to ancient times, Sclerotherapy comes from the Greek word “hardening” and involves injecting a stimulant into vein walls causing them to shrink.

This treatment was also given to elite Olympic athletes to heal soft tissue injuries.  It struck a cord.  Instinctively I felt this could help my unstable spine.

Leaving the book behind, I rushed home to research more.

There was only one article online, referring to the treatment as Prolotherapy: an injection based non-surgical treatment for weak ligaments and musculoskeletal pain.

Despite a paucity of information, and only one trained doctor in the tri-state area, I wanted in.  My only question to the needle-happy practitioner was, “how’s your aim, sir?”  He replied, “haven’t missed yet.” The rest is history.

Prolotherapy helped stabilize my joints for over a decade.  It improved my functioning, lessened my pain and kept me working for years It provided a road map and gave me comfort beyond the physical.

So…whatever happened to that mysterious textbook?  Gone!  I went back to the bookstore the next day and asked the saleswoman where I might find this treasure.  She said, “there is no such book, we wouldn’t carry something like that here.”  The Universe clearly had my back!

Note:  While I wouldn’t advise indiscriminately choosing an invasive treatment, “Prolo” was the right choice at the right time for me.  It was not a magic bullet but a great bridge to recovery.

Disclaimer:  Sharing my personal experience with Prolotherapy is not meant as an endorsement either way.  I am not authorized to give medical advice.

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