Mind-Body-Spirit Resources


mindbodygreen.  Inspirational lifestyle blog.

Mini-Relaxation Techniques. Harvard Health.

Relaxation Response for Stress Relief.  HelpGuide.org.

Challenge Thoughts. Cognitive Restructuring. Psychology Today.

Retrain the Brain, Transform Health. Dynamic Neural Retraining.

The Overwhelmed Brain.  Podcast.

Mind Body Techniques for Pain, Depression.  Dr. Mercola.

*Emotional Freedom Technique.  A self-help technique to ease distress, change thoughts and enhance well-being. Uses cognitive therapy and acupressure. * If you have serious trauma, it is advisable to work with a qualified therapist when doing EFT.

Psychology Today. Health, Help, Happiness, Find a Therapist.

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

SE Trauma Institute.  Body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and stress related syndromes and disorders.

Irene Lyon. Nervous System Healing.

Spirit, Soul, Inspiration:

Super Soul TV.  Everybody Has A Soul Story. Insightful interviews from leaders.

On Being.  Public Radio Broadcast. What it means to be human.

Inspirational Living.  Podcast. Motivation, Self-Help, Spirituality.

Belief Net.  Faith and Prayer, Health and Wellness, Inspiration, Love & Family.

Tiny Buddha.  Simple Wisdom For Complex Lives.

Tara Brach.  Meditation teacher, psychologist. Talks, guided meditations, retreats.

Wayne Dyer.  Self-development, spiritual growth teacher.

Gabby Bernstein.  Motivational speaker, spiritual teacher.

don Miguel Ruiz.  Spiritual teacher, life and humanity.

Cheryl Richardson.  Self-care coach.

Louise Hay.  Healing techniques, affirmations.

Bruce Lipton.  Connecting Biology, Psychology and Spirit.


Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine.   Identifies breakthrough complementary and alternative therapies, and researches and reports on their effectiveness.