Healing: Faith & Action

When Cynthia was in college she was rushed to the ER with excruciating abdominal cramping and heavy bleeding. She needed her brother’s reassurance that everything would be ‘ok’ to seek treatment. Extremely scared and concerned, she said it was the most uncertain time of her life. She knew something was terribly wrong.   After being tested for […]

Integrative Health Works!

A comprehensive approach to wellness is helping me heal. Maybe it can help you too! Integrative Health combines the best of Western medicine with holistic based therapies and practices. These differing models complement each other.  When used in conjunction they improve health status and functioning, and help people heal in more comprehensive ways. ⦁ Conventional-Western […]

The Upside of Illness

Is illness a Gift?  Really?  More like a holiday fruitcake nobody wants in her/his home.  It does however have its juicy bits and pieces, so don’t trash it too soon. Ideally illness doesn’t define us but instead informs us. It’s important to remember, honor and nurture who we are independent of our illness as well […]

Ancient Treatment Stabilizes Joints

You never know where inspiration will come from! A hidden gem sat nestled on a shelf in the health section of a trendy bookstore.  Desperately searching for advice on how to relieve my chronic back pain this blue, dated and gently worn medical textbook didn’t belong. Intrigued, I paged through and landed on a treatment called Sclerotherapy. Traced back to ancient times, […]

EDS Superhero, Keep It Light

Does anyone remember Stretch Armstrong, the agile action figure who made his debut in the mid 70’s? Stretch’s claim to fame-his limbs could be pulled several feet from his body and quickly return to normal size. Proof is in this vintage clip below: Nice party trick, right? I must be a genetic extension of Stretch […]

The Power of Being Seen

Researcher Dr. Brené Brown gave a funny, moving and wildly popular TED Talk on Vulnerability in 2010.  As a tough Texan who balked at the emotion (‘hated it’ and tried to ‘outsmart it’), she eventually changed her perspective and let her research open her heart. Much like Brené, I was averse to the whole vulnerability thing especially […]

Gramblings, A Nod to My Nana

Who is your role model?  Mine…Nana Mae. As I look around my living room I am comforted by three grey stone statues made by my late grandmother.  They bring a smile to my face; strong and graceful, much like she was. This torso in particular is my favorite, powerful with ragged edges that shape the whole.  A defining piece. One that wouldn’t be […]

Smoke & Mirrors

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”  You In? I returned to the gym after a seven-year absence excited and nervous. After five years of dutiful physical therapy exercises, I was free.   The gym, as you may have read in My Back-story! is my first love.  Being reunited is as sweet as it gets. My new […]